Event branding

— 2020

01. The British LGBT Awards is an annual awards event shining a spotlight on roles individuals and organisations who work to better the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community. For their 2020 edition, I was employed to create the event brand for both digital and print platforms.  

Event branding, animation, 3D design

02. Project detail:
My goal was to create an event brand that represented the magnitude of the impact that these people were making within the industry, and the noise created by them and for them when celebrating their achievements. Therefore the 2020 creatives centred around a family of 4 sound waves.

Used in both its entirety and in cropped form, the soundwave gave a unified face to the event that has otherwise been missing. The use of colour gave hint to the LGBT flag, and when animating the soundwave, songs from iconic LGBT singers and songwriters were used, for example QUEEN and Sam Smith.


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